zeus vision 7"

Digital technology has reduced the amount of wires required, as it requires only 2 wires from the entrance to the internal components. This simplifies the installation, mounting and operation of the system , greatly. High technology and aesthetics, multiple functions, settings, all done with a gentle touch of the screen with simple use due to Menu, are the main characteristics of the new Zeus 7" colored touch screen glass monitor and make it the perfect choice for all those who value quality, safety and aesthetics.

  • 7" colour TFT monitor Touch screen
  • Safety glass screen
  • Greek menu
  • High resolution screen 800x480 pixels
  • Intercommunication between devices
  • SD card included for photo or video recording
  • Wall mounting
  • Selection of different melody from each doorstation
  • Selection of ring volume
  • Works as a floor bell with independent sound
  • Choice of call mute
  • Up to 4 parallel devices on each call