prestige venus dome

For those who prefer classic, timeless design with today's advanced 2wire technology. The luxurious and durable materials from which Prestige Venus Dome brass doorstations are made-of add an artistic touch to building entrances.

  • Compact construction durable to the stress of time
  • Wide-angle camera which can be fixed to a specific angle
  • Optional: Buttons with specially shaped name engraving frame or illuminated name frames
  • Durable constructions from brass or aluminium  in a wide range of Ral colours
  • Low depth recessed box for easy installation and connection
  • Multiple possibilities such as: connection to call centre, access control systems, street and number engraving , illumination etc.
  • Covering up to 4 entrances
Wiring system

2 wires

INOX colouring


Aluminium colours

White Silver Anthracite
Champagne Cypress Green


From the dimensions’ catalogue
In any dimension requested (charged extra)
Combined with special constructions

Dimensions’ catalogue


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