venus alarm

Alarm system with Impressive looks and modern features. Highly aesthetic glass touch keypad which is fully in line with CTC's product philosophy.

It is characterized by elegance, flexibility and combined with advanced technology, it offers multiple possibilities with a design that decorates your space. Simple and easy to use, based on its simplified menu, it is easy and safe to operate so that the user can do all the operations, from changing the display on the screen to configuring the system.

  • Touch keyboard

  • Illuminated LCD display

  • Greek menu

  • Illuminated keys

  • Safety glass

Easy operation of the system with the following arming and disarming modes:

  • Via the touch keypad with personalized codes
  • Via telephone with fixed telephone connection (with additional card)
  • Via an RFID key fob with the corresponding keypad
  • Automatically with programmable timer
  • Via remote control with special remote control