venus vision 4,3"

Innovative 2-wire system for installations in single or multi-storey buildings, offices, etc. Emphasizing a high level of safety and quality of life, CTC designs and promotes in the Greek and foreign market new products reliable and qualitative. Venus 4.3" monitors with colored touch screen provide clear caller’s acoustic performance, excellent visual image of the entrance and multiple additional functions. They are easy to install and operate and with their minimalistic design they become an integral part of a home's interior design.

  • Coloured TFT monitor 4,3" Touch screen
  • Safety glass screen
  • Greek menu
  • High resolution display 480x480 pixels
  • Intercommunication between devices
  • SD card included for photo or video recording
  • Wall mounting
  • Selection of different melody from each doorstation
  • Selection of ring volume
  • Works as a floor bell with independent sound
  • Choice of call mute
  • Up to 4 parallel devices on each call